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                         About Kayaqua~Kayaks

G'day from down under Aotearoa New Zealand, I am the owner-designer of Kayaqua-Kayaks which is an evolving start-up kayak design business based on unique concepts for kayak sailing, kayak fishing, sea kayak expedition, extreme speed kayak racing, and general recreational kayaks. Check out the photo page!

I started out paddling a Albatross sea kayak late last century, and after three months training up to 30 kilometres several times per week, I took on a 75km journey from Whangaparaoa to Great Barrier Island of the outer Hauraki Gulf. When I first bought my kayak I had a flash thought idea for a unique spinnaker sailing system, and now half way across the Gulf with no visible land from where I had left and just the top of Mount Hirakimata peaking above a calm ocean guiding me to my destination, I stopped briefly to scoff an orange and figured on my return to the mainland I'd work out some design detail for a spinnaker sail and winged spinnaker control system. 

Designs evolved over several years and as spinnaker sails and sea conditions got larger and more extreme I began looking at new kayaks to replace my old Albatross which didn't quite have enough hull volume when loaded up under sail. Maybe too much rocker in the hull made her nose down somewhat under spinnaker sail particularly at the bottom of at 3-4 metre ocean wave in 20 knots wind or surfing at wind speed at times on ocean swells. 

I wanted an expedition kayak that would handle these conditions loaded up with weeks of provisions. After a lengthy period looking at kayak designs I decided to design my own to suit the needs of spinnaker sailing and my other favourite pass time on the water; fishing. It took me about nine months of kayak design to come up with a design that looked like a half decent kayak; then many more years re-designing, modelling, and building plywood prototypes to get the first of many designs on the water. 

Currently there are several designs at or near the production stage and many more kayak designs ready for 3D modelling and cnc machining, including:

Light-Wave; sit on top 5300 long 600 beam; production ready. Pictures on site!

Star-Flight; sit in 5600 long 600 beam expedition kayak; production ready. 

White-Surf; sit on top 4500 long 690 beam; plugs finished, ready for mould making.

Ocean-Duel; sit on top 6580 long 740 beam; ready for 3D modelling and cnc machining.

King-Fish; sit on top 4860 long 600 beam...Unique hull with twin longitudinal pressure channel fins...ready for 3D modelling and cnc machining.

Aquiline Flight; sit on top 4860 long 550 beam...Unique flared stability hull; recreation and performance...ready for 3D modelling and cnc machining.  

XTSEA; sit in 5720 long 576 beam...extreme speed ocean racing kayak; ready for 3D modelling and cnc machining.

Fibreglass or composite carbon fibre construction.

Innovative Mantis style height adjustable outriggers designed; ready for prototype development. Mainsail development required.

Hope to hear from interested paddlers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs / business developers/investor(s)                    

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